Book-keeping services

At IGA Group we have a team of dedicated and warranted accountants.

At IGA Group we have a team of dedicated and warranted accountants that will provide you with the professional expertise you need to run your business smoothly, whilst ensuring full compliance with the respective laws and regulations.

We offer tailor-made solutions which can fit the size of any business and can handle the reporting requirements of any type of organisation.

Our services include:

• Keeping proper books of accounts in accordance with the Maltese legislation and international accounting standards.

• Upkeep of banking statements and other reconciliations.

• Drafting of management accounts and other financial reports, including book-keeping.

• Drafting of financial statements including year-end reconciliation to be handed over to the statutory auditors for auditing purposes.


A cost and tax efficient jurisdiction

Over a number of years, Malta has established itself as an excellent stepping-stone for doing business with Europe and the rest of the world, with a Government which welcomes foreign investors.

Taxes in Malta are very advantageous, with specific fiscal incentives aimed at making the jurisdiction attractive for foreign direct investment (FDI). Employment tax credits, R&D tax credits, soft loan financing and bank guarantees are amongst the most beneficial Government incentives offered in Malta, with the possibility to lower corporate tax to an effective tax rate of just 5%, considered to be a key differentiator.

Malta’s strategic geographic location situated exactly at the centre of the Mediterranean, with just a couple of hours’ flights from major European cities, coupled with a highly skilled and international workforce, make Malta the ideal place to run your business.