At IGA Group it is paramount to assist our start-up clients with all their needs, acting act as a one-stop-shop.

We take care of all your corporate needs so you can focus all your energy on the successful launch of your business.

Our team of expert professionals use their wealth of experience to help entrepreneurs taking the right steps into the exciting world of business in Malta. We make sure your business is built on a solid and transparent financial foundation, considered to be key in guaranteeing long-term success and sustained growth.


The Malta Enterprise re-launched the Micro Invest Tax Credit Scheme with the aim of supporting self-employed and Micro Enterprises employing less than 30 full-time equivalent employees and whose turnover does not exceed €10 million.

Eligible undertakings may be approved a tax credit equivalent to 45% of the eligible expenditure, up to a maximum of €30,000, over a period of three consecutive years. The tax credit is increased to 65% if the investment is made by an undertaking operating from Gozo. In case of start-up businesses, the tax credit can be utilised over a maximum period of 5 years.


The MGA has a process by which a company can be classified as a start up and thus benefit from some conditions/incentives.

Approved Start-ups will benefit from a moratorium period of 12 months in which they are exempt from paying compliance contribution although they are still required to submit the monthly declaration. Fixed license fees will still be due.


A cost and tax efficient jurisdiction

Over a number of years, Malta has established itself as an excellent stepping-stone for doing business with Europe and the rest of the world, with a Government which welcomes foreign investors.

Taxes in Malta are very advantageous, with specific fiscal incentives aimed at making the jurisdiction attractive for foreign direct investment (FDI). Employment tax credits, R&D tax credits, soft loan financing and bank guarantees are amongst the most beneficial Government incentives offered in Malta, with the possibility to lower corporate tax to an effective tax rate of just 5%, considered to be a key differentiator.

Malta’s strategic geographic location situated exactly at the centre of the Mediterranean, with just a couple of hours’ flights from major European cities, coupled with a highly skilled and international workforce, make Malta the ideal place to run your business.

  • Company incorporation services
  • Provision of registered office
  • Directorship and Company secretary services
  • Opening of Bank Accounts
  • Changes in the Board of Directors
  • Mergers or Acquisition of companies and/or new businesses

The increase reduction of the nominal or issued share capital of the licensee or the increase or reduction of its voting share capital or any material change in voting rights;

The sale of a company, which may include a gaming licence, and the respective approvals required by the different Authorities;

Assignment or transfer of shares between different companies located in different jurisdictions and in possession of licences from multiple jurisdictions.