iGamingAdvisors adopting Crypto currencies as a payment method.


In the last couple of years, cryptocurrency has grabbed a spot in our news headlines as being the money of the future. As expected, significant financial institutions have begun incorporating this system into their daily activities, and iGamingAdvisors isn’t an exception.

In the digital era, cryptocurrency has evolved to become the most secure way for communications, sharing of information and the perfect means of storing money online. Presently, the world has more than 1,000 available cryptocurrencies, but the most renowned is Bitcoin, created in 2009.

At the iGamingAdvisors, we have more than ten years’ experience in the gaming sector. That elaborates why we believe in cryptocurrency and its validity. As we all know, the gaming industry involves the engagement of financial transactions that at times can be economically unsafe. Since we care about you at iGamingAdvisors, we believe in the validity of cryptocurrency as a way of preventing you from being a victim of counterfeit.

iGamingAdvisors is officially accepting Cryptocurrency as a payment method because it is likely to give you greater access to credit, facilitated by the media. Our esteemed clients can access these services via a data connection provided though one of the cryptocurrency networks exchanges. Without any doubts, our collaborations with the cryptocurrency ecosystem are likely to attract a number of clients to make asset transfer, and other various types of transactions available through this method.

iGamingAdvisors is proud to be an early adopter of cryptocurrency because of the ease it has brought in conducting International Trade. One significant advantage is that Cryptocurrencies are not subject to the exchange and rates, and other transaction levies imposed by a given country. This is an advantage achieved through the blockchain technology that has enabled cross-border transfers and transactions.


At iGamingAdvisors believes in the validity of this technology that will reshape the global economic landscape. It is unfortunate that many people are still unaware of this digital currency; and are not privy to the advantages of these systems. But at iGamingAdvisors, we are proud to be one of the first Maltese Advisors that have put their commitment and into allowing all our valued clients to have fast and secure global transactions using this innovative technology.

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