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On the 1 of May 2020, Health Authorities announced the lifting of some of the restrictive measures put in place to combat the spread of COVID-19. As a result of this announcement, Lotto booths which have been closed in terms of Legal Notice 76 of 2020, entitled Closure of Places Open to the Public Order, 2020, will re-open as from Monday 4 of May 2020, with a number of safety measures still in place.

The MGA would like to remind the general public to follow the guidelines issued by the Health Authorities, aimed at protecting the health of clients and those working in these establishments:

  • Anyone who enters the lotto booths/shops is required to wear a mask. This also applies to employees,
  • Only one person per 10sqm of store space will be allowed entry at any point in time,
  • This criterion will be affixed to the shops/lotto booths, visible to the public, so that everyone is aware of the number of individuals who can enter the premises,
  • Markers placed on the ground will indicate the minimum 2m distance for people queuing outside,
  • Hand sanitizers will be placed on entry into shop/lotto booth.

The MGA would also like to remind the general public that the requirement for vulnerable persons, that is, those of 65 years and over and those with chronic diseases, to remain at home, is still in place.

In addition, for the safety of the general public, games previously transmitted from TVs inside the lotto booths/points of sale will not be permitted until further notice. Guidelines issued by Maltco Lotteries with reference to the games offered and payment of winnings can be found (here).


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