Real Estate in Malta

The entire process of Buying & Renting in Malta
Malta is the perfect combination of stable democracy, a dynamic economy, and islands shining in the heart of the Mediterranean. As an EU member state, having access to Malta is access to the whole European Union.
Residential & Commercial property
Are you looking for buying or renting property in Malta? No matter what you are searching for, IGA is your trusted partner in finding a dream place that suits your needs.
Serviced Office Space by IGA Hub
Through IGA Shared Offices we provide our clients a unique office experience, giving the possibility to start-up companies to begin their business operation from a professionally run office set up

A cost and tax efficient jurisdiction

Over a number of years, Malta has established itself as an excellent stepping-stone for doing business with Europe and the rest of the world, with a Government which welcomes foreign investors.

Taxes in Malta are very advantageous, with specific fiscal incentives aimed at making the jurisdiction attractive for foreign direct investment (FDI). Employment tax credits, R&D tax credits, soft loan financing and bank guarantees are amongst the most beneficial Government incentives offered in Malta, with the possibility to lower corporate tax to an effective tax rate of just 5%, considered to be a key differentiator.

Malta’s strategic geographic location situated exactly at the centre of the Mediterranean, with just a couple of hours’ flights from major European cities, coupled with a highly skilled and international workforce, make Malta the ideal place to run your business.

What can Malta offer?
  • An entrepreneurial culture backed by a focus on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  • A multicultural country with a strong Expat community
  • A highly skilled, flexible and multilingual workforce, with strong IT knowledge
  • Ease of doing business
  • Fiscal and financial incentive packages
  • An advanced educational system
  • One of the most innovative and tech-driven EU states
  • An international hub for electronically delivered services, with gaming and financial services topping the list
  • Economic, political and social stability
  • Strong ties with other EU states, and equally strong ties with Northern African countries
  • A safe country with state of the art public and private health services