Technical & IT Services

Technical & IT infrastructure
Our team of specialised technical experts and architects can assist your business operation in an efficient and professional manner.

We can provide a fully developed technical and IT infrastructure for your day to day operations, sales operations and any other business requirement. Our team of experts is made up of highly skilled and experienced professionals, certified in both Linux and Microsoft.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Building automated workflows for your applications using tools such as Gitlab Ci or Jenkins tied up with your VCS (Version Control System) of preference;
  • Complex workflows, which may require (Bash/Powershell) scripting and custom built CLI tools
  • Designing of cloud infrastructure, built in line with MGA and other regulatory requirements.
  • Replication of critical regulatory data, with near-real time (or real time) replication, depending on regulatory requirements, safely encrypted via VPN;
  • Optimisation, simplification, and detailed documentation of workflows;
  • Conducting penetration testing by using specialised tools aimed at identifying technical and security deficiencies, providing recommendations and remedial action.
Data Centres and Co-Location Services

When opting for a Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) licence, or any other licence within the EU, requirements are somewhat similar.  Practically all countries impose a minimum amount of data which must be safely secured in a certified data centre located in the jurisdiction where the licence was issued from. Such data requirement would vary from one jurisdiction to the other, but the technology needed is the same.

Nowadays storing data on cloud has become the norm, but even this requires proper assessment and a thorough understanding of the services being provided; but for companies opting for cloud, replicating critical regulatory data in the country where licence is issued becomes mandatory.  Opting for the right data centre and ensuring the right services are in place is key to ensuring a secure back up.  Data stored in the local data centre, whether its replicated data or a complete set up, often requires confirmation and direct access from regulators who would need to ensure data is properly secured and available 24/7.

Technical Services & Installation

Some of the services we can offer are the following:

  • MGA-compliant Infrastructure Documentation
  • MGA-compliant VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)
  • Physical Infrastructure Architecture
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architecture (Azure, AWS, Google Cloud)
  • Infrastructure cost analysis and optimization
  • Deployment & Release Automation (CI/CD | GitLab/Jenkins)
  • Development Efficiency Training
  • Penetration Testing and Security
  • Procurement of hardware – Servers, Network, Storages, firewalls etc
  • Backup solutions
  • Security setups
  • Obtain best SLA’s