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General Training
Whether you are a start-up company or an established one, the need to train your employees is a constant. New regulations keep being issued and existent ones often get updated

Providing training to your employees and key personnel is not only a requirement at law, but is also a necessity for any business looking at operating in full compliance with the laws and regulations.

At IGA Group we provide regulatory training based on the Maltese Gaming regulations, both the Gaming Regulations (Gaming Act 2018) and also the Anti-Money Laundering regulations (Prevention of Money Laundering Act). Our training is aimed at ensuring licensed companies are fully aware of their obligations at law, whilst ensuring employees understand the importance and rationale behind the regulations. Our training focuses on instilling a compliance culture within the organisation, rather than focusing on compliance when an audit is due.

We also provide technical training to traders of any gaming operator. With years of hands on experience, and having covered similar roles, IGA has the necessary expertise to assist the trading team of gaming operators and ensure company margins are improved in an effective and efficient manner. 

Whether you are operating a standalone sportsbook, or work in partnership with third party  data suppliers, your company needs to be well-equipped with staff who understand the latest trends and can make use of data in the best way possible.

Training Services

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