American Gaming Association updates responsible gaming codes


The American Gaming Association (AGA) has issued an updated and modernised code of conduct on responsible gaming, following the success of its 2017 responsible gaming week.

Its updated codes includes provisions on employee assistance and training, alcohol service, the provision of casino games in person and online, and casino gambling advertising and marketing.

The new code is split into three sections, a “pledge to our patrons”, a “pledge to its employees” and a final “pledge to the public”.

In its pledge to its patrons, the AGA says that it will: promote responsible gaming, prevent underage gambling and unattended minors in casinos, serve alcoholic beverages responsibly and advertise responsibly.

Its pledge to its employees/members, which comprise a cross section of the gaming industry’s biggest firms, includes pledges to educate new employees in responsible gaming, provide annual or periodic training, implement communication programmes targeting responsible gaming and increase awareness of responsible gambling related issues.

The final pledge to the public includes a commitment to work with stakeholders, continue research into gambling-related issues and promote best practice in gaming.

In a statement released with its new code, AGA’s senior director of gaming policy Elizabeth Cronan, said: “Our commitment to responsible gaming has never been higher and that’s reflected in our updated Code of Conduct on responsible gaming.

“We know that responsible gaming is an issue that must be top of mind industry-wide for all employees, every day.”


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