Gaming has proved to be a successful bet in Malta as several companies are providing this professional development services with an excellent price-to-quality ratio. Of course, the root of such a development is the highly demanding gaming markets around Malta, which has necessitated the need to develop gaming sector and handle the complex logic behind them.

As you know, the best business strategy remains meeting customer’s satisfaction of their high expectations. That’s why gaming consultants are growing, particularly in Malta to help clients in international business management including gaming licensing in several jurisdictions. That means companies should expect an array of different services under one roof to meet all their requirements. Malta gaming consultations have seasoned business professionals with a technical experience.


Gaming consultants consist of lawyers, regulators, and experts in gaming standards who boasts of extensive experience within the international and Maltese Remote Gaming sector. Among the services offered include:-

▪ Legislative services relating to Casino Control Acts, rules and regulations.

The specialist gaming lawyers have worked with a whole spectrum of gaming companies. That is a guarantee that companies are likely to get any help relating to issues of licensing and compliance, IP contracts, affiliate, software platforms, and joint-venture agreements. I-gaming consultants have extensive experience in the gaming business in addition to an in-depth understanding of different types of operators. Thus, the experts can provide legal advice that is likely to move businesses forward.

▪ I-gaming Technical consulting
Gaming experts give a dedicated gaming business consultancy service in Malta. That means companies don’t have to worry about the size their business is. The services offered covers both start-up ventures and established operators seeking to relocate within Malta. Gaming consultants provide the legal support required throughout the licensing process including the compilation of business plans. Drafting of company policies and technical documentation, and offering advice regarding compliance processes.

▪ Establish test standards for electronic gaming
The law requires all gaming business in Malta to obtain a license from the MGA to establish a gaming operation. Gaming consultants provide both existing and start-up operators with comprehensive advice and support throughout the licensing procedure. The experts regularly assist clients in obtaining remote gaming licenses for all classes.


The mobile gambling industry has grown in five folds due to the advanced technology. Gambling addiction has grabbed people across economic classes from lower-class citizens in Malta to those wealthy enough to gamble away huge cash.

Gambling has given rise to Bitcoin, a digital currency which makes use of peer-to-peer technology to operate without a central authority. Bitcoin is the fastest-growing currency in the world with no central monetary authority.

Bitcoins can be exchanged for traditional currency and can also be directly transferred from one user to another. Across the internet using the appropriate software. That makes it suitable for international transactions, and thus, gaming consultants seek to help Bitcoin companies of Malta’s modern and robust legal and legislative framework in the following ways:-

▪ Designing gaming regulatory compliance
Gaming consultants can assist Bitcoin companies in adhering to legal obligations regarding gaming regulations and license conditions, for instance, the license conditions related to Anti-Money Laundering and e-commerce.

▪ Creating auditing procedures for accounting and security plans>
The team of gaming consultants provides expert business advice and support to Bitcoin companies intending to set-up operations in Malta. The Consultancy assists companies to set up business plans and to liaise with the Malta Gaming Authority. Additionally, they help on both technical and financial matters within the local gaming industry in Malta.


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