MGA New Regulation pushed back to August


Following the notification of the draft new legal framework regulating gaming through the Technical Regulation Information System (‘TRIS’) process in virtue of Directive (EU) 2015/1535 (the ‘Directive’), a Detailed Opinion has been issued by a Member State in relation to the draft Gaming Authorisations Regulations (the ‘Regulations’).  The European Commission and another Member State have also issued comments in relation to various legislative instruments.


This Detailed Opinion has extended the standstill period for implementation of the Regulations by one month, to the 16th July 2018.  In this light, the implementation of the new regulatory framework shall also be delayed by one month, and will henceforth be moved to the 1st August 2018, in full respect of the standstill period in terms of the Directive. 


During this time, Government and the MGA shall be reviewing and taking into account the recommendations made by the European Commission and the Member States. 


The Licensee Relationship Management System (‘LRMS’) shall be kept available for submissions until the 15th July 2018.  As from 16th July 2018, any outstanding applications which are saved on the LRMS platform but still pending submission, will no longer be accessible.  Such applications are to be re-submitted in line with the new requirement

s thereafter.  Furthermore, tax and player liability reports for the month of June 2018 will need to be submitted by this date.

Applications that have been submitted prior to 16th July 2018 will not be affected, unless incomplete or missing information.  In such circumstances, the Authority reserves the right to reject such applications, requiring applicants to re-apply under the new regulatory regime.


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