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In February 2020, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) received a delegation of members of the Lotteries and Gaming Board and the Ministry of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Zimbabwe. The meeting was requested by the Zimbabwean authorities in order to receive insight on how the gambling industry is regulated in Malta, in view of imminent regulation within Zimbabwe.

Following a tour of the MGA offices, and a discussion revolving around the Authority’s Directorates and staffing, the MGA delivered presentations and materials relating to the licensing and compliance processes, criminal probity assessments, utilisation of the risk-based approach, the design around the legal instruments, and anti-money laundering supervision. Discussions around these topics and exchange of best practices between both regulators ensued.

The MGA is constantly welcoming such opportunities to meet counterpart gambling regulators, as they are the ideal platform for knowledge sharing and cooperation.


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