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Wagerr, the decentralized sportsbook, pursues gaming license in Malta


Wagerr partners with ICOinMalta and iGamingAdvisors to obtain gaming license in Malta

In 2017, Wagerr introduced a new, decentralized approach to sports betting that immediately grabbed the attention of both the blockchain world and the sports betting industry. The initial offering surpassed initial expectations, triggering contingency rounds that were, in turn, completely sold out.

As the Wagerr developer team continues to build out the decentralized platform on top of blockchain technology, Wagerr is simultaneously exploring ways to enter the traditional sports betting industry. For the last six months, CEO David Mah has been in negotiations with Malta to pursue a gaming license that would give bettors the opportunity to engage with Wagerr through a traditional regulated system.

To achieve licensure, Wagerr is now partnering with some of the most renowned experts in the field. ICOinMalta and iGamingAdvisors will guide Wagerr through the process to attain approvals from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), starting with company formation, then sandboxed testing environment to demonstrate Wagerr’s core functionality.

Wagerr uses a distributed blockchain technology that executes betting contracts. The Wagerr Network escrows stakes, verifies results, and pays out winners. Wagerr, with its innovative mulitier system, solves the most inconvenient problems in the sports betting industry today, and still reduces the fees by half.

Wagerr’s engineers are designing software that meets the needs of all users, from casual players to experienced professionals and organization. Every sports bettor and Wagerr holder will appreciate the easy-to-use wallet with advanced options like integrated event streaming and the capacity to set the line for player-to-player bets.

Wagerr believes that self-regulating, open source systems can produce more reliable and more fair outcomes because the tested, single-purpose processes are automated and not subject to human error.

Wagerr celebrates this moment of entering into partnership with ICOinMalta and iGamingAdvisor on the road to formal licensure in Malta. Betting belongs on the blockchain, and a regulated traditional environment will make a great place to introduce the sports betting world to the power of the Wagerr Network.



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